//New York Satin Silk Beach Wrap

New York Satin Silk Beach Wrap


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New York satin silk beach wrap, beautifully illustrated by Lulu Sophia. The beach wrap is part of A girl’s magical wanders collection of a girl travelling around the world and comes with its own scroll with a story written by Lulu Sophia. Click here to learn more about Lulu Sophia and the inspirations behind her water-colour paintings.

New York – The man I could only have for the night

A dark room in Manhattan,
In the shadow of gleams from outside,
He is in a white shirt & a tie…

A city of an apple, the apple of my eye…

Lost a red shoe in twilight,
Along with little piece of my mind…

I disappeared at the first ray of sunshine,
No! no coffee or a kiss goodbye,
All I have is myself,
But with hope I will survice…

In stock

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180cm x 120cm

100% Satin Silk


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