About Lulu Sophia

Lulu Sophia

Lulu Sophia is the founder and creator of Lulu Sophia London. She is also an artist and story writer who prefers to express levels of deep feelings through beautiful things.

Having traveled, lost and been drifted away in different oceans, she now finds herself illustrating a series of stories conducted through a couple of female characters. These are the stories to wear.


Ballerina water colour painting


The small ballerina is me! The sketch is based on a black & white photograph taken when I was sweet 16!

The background piano is still playing in my ears,

One, and two, and three….

It was the sweetest time and yet the most obscure. At that young age, I understood what it took to be confidently presenting oneself on stage. The pain I suffered walking en pointe was nothing like the sense of loss I felt when I got much older. The irony is I didn’t even know I was enjoying dancing until much later.

Walking in different shoes now, the romance of ballet is transformed into the Ballerina. I know how it feels to stay beautiful. I also understood the pain and the sacrifices that came with it. Now, in my bright coloured high heels, elegant as they seem, I feel like walking on cinders in bare feet!

Traveller water colour painting

The Traveller

I have always been a lone traveller, carrying suitcases through numerous airports. I once told a man that I only wish to travel through airports if I have someone to help me with my luggage.

I have been looking for romance throughout my travels. In the end, home is where I am.

Me water colour painting


At the time of painting Me, London was wet and icy.

I lost something that was precious to me at the time.

I felt lost but with a sense of responsibilities. The feeling was from within; it was somewhere I couldn’t reach, that only life and experience could bring.

Standing in the street watching the traffic lights changing, I was drenched in rain. I thought I’d get myself a new lipstick tomorrow – things will be better when I believe they will.

Little dancer water colour painting

The Little Dancer

I painted The Little Dancer when I was in love with the pastels…the splashes of pinks, dots of peaches, the dreamy sunset orange…

It was also a summer when I was out most evenings. I was single and not sure whether I was having a good time. I was restlessly waiting, wanting love or someone to bring some excitement to my life.

In winter, I had found someone to dance with me, but then I realized that I had actually enjoyed the summer dancing alone. Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.


After picking grapes in the Napa Valley (only joking ) & galavanting in Hawaii, I came back to London broke. Although finding it hard to settle into a routine, I was in desperate need of finding a new job.

Going through my wardrobe, the only thing I wanted to wear for the interview was a romantic vivid pink long dress I loved from Hawaii but regretfully had to put on black and grey.

So I painted the girl in Interview. I hope that one day we could all – do it my way!

Mermaid water colour painting


The time when I have no money, or the time to go traveling, I imaged myself as a little mermaid, sitting on a heavy trunk in the desert, longing for the ocean. It is supposed to be a fun painting dedicated to those that are in need of a holiday.

New York

It’s safe to say that the girl broke her heart in New York. It was an important chapter of my journey to Manhattan.

Being young is not easy. I remember my mother once said that she could not go back in time to be young again, bringing with it the suffering pain and disappointment.

I was young and careless. All the stories made me who I am. One thing I would say is,  I own better shoes now and i hope they won’t break on a date.

Middle East Cashmere and Modal Silk Wrap

The Middle East

A break-up!

I was hoping I would be hearing from him, but nothing, nothing for god knows how long.

I used a lot of turquoise and light peaches in the painting; I was feeling hopeful & enchanted.

I wore my big hoop earrings and turquoise dress, I went on dates with guys whom I wasn’t sure about. I drunk a lot of wine.

Until one day I woke up in the sun and decided to start a new painting. The chapter is closed.