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The Ballerina Lilac Silk Scarf


Luxury 100% silk scarf. The Ballerina is hand-painted by Lulu Sophia and then printed on 100% luxury silk. Hems are hand-rolled in the French way (Hermes Roll). The scarf comes with its own poem, written by Lulu Sophia, on a satin scroll and packaged in a cylinder box, making it an ideal gift. Click here to learn more about Lulu Sophia and the inspirations behind her water-colour paintings.

The Ballerina

First position, the stance electric,
I stretch the dream beyond the reach.

A Grand Plie I practice like a trick, an Arabesque I
throw at your feet, Battement Tendu I repeat and repeat.

Standing en Pointe it’s been like
walking on cinders in bare feet…

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90cm x 90cm or 65cm x 65cm

100% luxury silk, 18mm weight

Hand-rolled hems in French way (Hermes roll)


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