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Middle East Cashmere and Modal Silk Wrap


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Middle East cashmere and modal silk wrap, beautifully illustrated by Lulu Sophia. The beach wrap is part of A girl’s magical wanders collection of a girl travelling around the world and comes with its own scroll with a story written by Lulu Sophia. Click here to learn more about Lulu Sophia and the inspirations behind her water-colour paintings.

Middle East – The journey of me

One day if you go away,
I’d be a bird flying in the starless sky at midnight…
I’ll most likely go traveling,
Visit the places reminding me of life is still full of Colours …
I’ll cut my hair,
Maybe just a little…

I’ll go for a drink with the guy I don’t really like,
I’ll think that you carry some weight of sorrows as I do…
This journey without you is a little lonely,
But the sky is the electric blue that I loved,
The temples are standing still as I adored…

If our paths should cross again,
You will be smiling at me in the next town I drift by

In stock

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140cm x 140cm

20% cashmere and 80% modal silk


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